Friday, August 28, 2009

Dedication to every client's success

During four days of July 2003, IBM employees around the world engaged in an online intranet discussion called ValuesJam to shape and define the values that should guide the company and its people in the years ahead. Those thousands of postings and e-mails were thoroughly analyzed and then distilled into three values shared by all IBMers.

A dedication to client or customer success is, of course, nothing new to IBM. As IBM chairman Thomas J. Watson, Jr., said in 1962: "We want to give the best customer service of any company in the world. . . . The relationship between the [IBMer] and the customer, their mutual trust, the importance of reputation, the idea of putting the customer first -- always -- all these things, if carried out with real conviction by a company, can make a great deal of difference in its destiny."

Through the years, IBM has refined its customer service program introducing new features to help clients succeed in their business endeavors. Just this past week, IBM announced the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program -- a new program designed to help IBM clients derive greater results from their current software IT investments. The Program is designed for companies with high availability requirements that use IBM software within complex environments or cutting-edge applications.

Since the program was announced a few days ago, IBM clients are already receiving value from their participation in the program. PT Telekomunikas Indonesia TbK (TELKOM), the largest full information and communication service and network provider in Indonesia, participates in IBM's Software Accelerated Value Program for its use of IBM WebSphere, Lotus, Tivoli and Information Management software.

"As a Software Accelerated Value customer, TELKOM has taken benefit of getting professional support from IBM Indonesia and IBM Worldwide to ensure daily business process continuity and also getting assurance that IT team has access to the latest information about IBM software by being part of IBM Software Technical Community," said Erry C.R. Kusumayadhi, Operational Senior Manager, Information System, Service Support Center.

Creating and maintaining enduring customer relationships is critical in today's economy. There is no cost increase associated with this program for new customers or current customers keeping the same level of coverage. Now that is dedication to every client's success.

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