Monday, November 9, 2009

Saving One Thousand Pages of Paper

Reducing paper consumption is no longer a goal of the eco-conscious few, but a standard. With the accessibility of online collaboration tools, organizations can reduce paper waste while improving the speed and accuracy of document sharing between internal and external audiences.

Just recently, I witnessed first hand how using online collaboration software prevented more than one thousand pages of paper from being printed. In preparation for an IBM Gold Consultants Briefing in Las Vegas, our team uploaded speaker presentations, documents, calendars, and even photos to the cloud using Lotus Live.

How it Works

The documents were drafted, edited, reviewed, and finalized without sending a single e-mail. Our IBM team used the "Activities" function in Lotus Live to upload event materials and collaborate with better version control than an email inbox. Once materials were finalized and approved, they were placed in their respective folders. Settings in Lotus Live allowed us to choose which members have access to the "Activities" for increased privacy.

Lotus Live

Final documents in our "Activities" section were shared online with Gold Consultants while giving them the option to either view online or download to their desktop. The digital distribution of agendas, speaker bios, demo descriptions and more via Lotus Live was fast and simple.

Reducing paper consumption is important, but so is saving time. Speaker presentations were loaded once into Lotus Live folders called "Collections" and shared with the Gold Consultants each day. The time previously spent loading content onto memory keys for each attendee was drastically reduced.

After the briefing, Gold Consultants left Las Vegas, but they still have access to speaker presentations.

Collaboration in the cloud streamlined communications for our team, and saved a few trees. I'm giving the team a gold star for IBM's Gold Consultants Briefing.

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