Friday, July 31, 2009

Are Your Good Instincts, Good Enough?

Check out this CNBC guest blog post by Steve LaValle, Global Leader of Strategy Services for IBM Business Analytics. LaValle discusses the cost savings and business value that can be achieved from greater analytics and optimization of information.

LaValle is just one of the 4,000 IBM personnel focused on the business analytics space. IBM has taken aggressive steps to remix our business so that we are positioned for leadership in the high-growth business analytics space, including a $10 billion investment in the past four years; the launch of a new service line (Business Analytics and Optimization Services); strategic acquisitions (e.g., Cognos, iLog), and the dedication of IBM personnel like LaValle around this opportunity.

Unlocking and extracting value from business information is a top priority for our clients. The good news is, IBM has analytics software that can capture, organize and process all of the data scattered throughout an organization, and turn it into not just organized information, or even knowledge, but actual intelligence.

IBM is making sophisticated business analytics happen today.

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